ISBN 9780875843285,Accounting for Success: A History of Price Waterhouse in America (1890-1990)

Accounting for Success: A History of Price Waterhouse in America (1890-1990)



Harvard Universal Press

Publication Year 2000

ISBN 9780875843285

ISBN-10 087584328X


Number of Pages 400 Pages
Language (English)

Business & management

Set firmly within the larger context of American business history, "Accounting for Success" traces the evolution of the century-old, distinguished accounting firm of Price Waterhouse (PW). Allen and McDermott divide PW's history into three distinct periods. The first (1890 to the mid-1920s) covers the establishment of the American outpost of a British parent and the Americanization of its practice. The second (the next 40 years) highlights PW's rise to unrivaled professional leadership and the important role played by the audit. The third (the 1970s on) focuses on PW's response to the challenges brought about by the globalization of the economy, heightened competition among firms, and the growth of nonaudit services. The authors also address six central themes that recur throughout PW's history: the importance of the partner; the significant role played by the law in shaping the accounting profession's rights and responsibilities; the changing nature of accounting services; the continuously evolving and complex business environment; the highly visible role played by PW's leadership; and PW's worldwide approach to its business.