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ACS 1 Consumer Studies



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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789381690390

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ACS 1 CONSUMER STUDIES CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Consumer: The Basics Unit1 Who is A Consumer Unit2 Evolution of the Consumer Unit3 Consumer Environment Unit4 Consumer Dynamics Block 2 Consumer Movement Unit5 Origin and Growth Unit6 Consumer Movement in India Unit7 Consumer Movement in Select Countries Unit8 Consumer Movement: Features, Issues and Trends Block 3 Consumer Protection Unit9 Consumer Rights Unit10 Consumer Responsibilities Unit11 Empowering the Consumer Unit12 Social Accountability Block 4 Consumer Protection: Depth and Scope Unit13 Consumer Behaviour in Market Economy Unit14 Mass Media, Advertisement and their Impact on Unit15 Slate and the Consumer Unit16 Ecology, Environment and the Consumer Block 5 Consumer Protection Act Unit17 Limitations of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 Unit18 Consumer Rights and their Manifestations Unit19 Consumer Protection Act Basic Features Unit20 Evolution of Consumer Protection Laws Block 6 The Legislative Framework for Protecting the Consumer Unit21 Basic Legislative Framework for the Protection of Consumers Unit22 Laws Relating to Protection of Consumers of Various Services Unit23 Laws Relating to Food and Adulteration, Drugs and Cosmetics Block 7 Redressal of Consumer Grievances Unit24 Consumer Complaints: Guidelines for Filing Unit25 Grievance Redressal: Alternatives Unit26 Role of NGOs in Redressal of Consumer Grievances Unit27 Public Interest Litigation Block 8 Consumer Organisation Unit28 Establishing a Consumer Organisation Unit29 Strategies (Campaign and Advocacy) Unit30 Managing an Organisation Unit31 International Organisations QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper June 2007 2. Solution Paper June 2008 3. Solution Paper Dec 2008 4. Solution Paper June 2009 5. Solution Paper Dec 2009 6. Question Paper June 2010 7. Question Paper Dec 2010 8. Question Paper June 2011 9. Question Paper Dec 2011 10. Solution Paper June 2012 and more