ISBN 9780521699594,Action Plan For Ielts

Action Plan For Ielts



Cambridge University Press

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9780521699594

ISBN-10 0521699592


Language (English)

Entrance Exams Preparation

Action Plan For IELTS by Vanessa Jakeman and Clare McDowell is an exam-preparation set consisting of a book with last-minute preparation strategies, a self-study guide, and an audio CD. The set attempts to help students prepare well for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), which is an internationally standardized examination to test an individual's proficiency in English.

The general training module of the set is for students in the 5+ band as compared to the academic module which caters to students in the 6+ band. Action Plan For IELTS discusses each question type in detail and then provides model exam papers and quick refresher tests for the students to revise what they have learnt.

The first section is the listening section, which deals with the listening test of IELTS and the related question types. The next chapter is called Academic Reading. It is followed by a chapter called Academic Writing, which contains two writing tasks. This is succeeded by a section related to the Speaking test. The last fifteen pages cover one complete practise test for the users.

The book contains illustrations and box items to support the flow of questions and to familiarize readers with the IELTS question formats. Each of the tests contains an action plan, wherein the users are guided through some action-steps to help them tackle that particular section of IELTS. The action plan section is followed by the Task section, in which readers can try a related task from the subject section.

About The Authors

Vanessa Jakeman is the author of books such as New Insight Into IELTS, Step Up To IELTS, BEC Vantage Practice Test Upper Intermediate, and IELTS 5 With Answer Book. Her writing focuses on grooming readers for various competitive exams.

Clare McDowell has co-authored all the above mentioned books along with Vanessa Jakeman. She has also authored an instant prep book called Instant IELTS.