ISBN 9789382264804,Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks

Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks



World Scientific Publishing Company

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789382264804

ISBN-10 9382264809

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Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 664 Pages
Language (English)

Network computers

This book provides a comprehensive yet easy coverage of ad hoc and sensor networks and fills the gap of existing literature in this growing field. It emphasizes that there is a major interdependence among various layers of the network protocol stack. Contrary to wired or even one-hop cellular networks, the lack of a fixed infrastructure, the inherent mobility, the wireless channel, and the underlying routing mechanism by ad hoc and sensor networks introduce a number of technological challenges that are difficult to address within the boundaries of a single protocol layer.

All existing textbooks on the subject often focus on a specific aspect of the technology, and fail to provide critical insights on cross-layer interdependencies. To fully understand these intriguing networks, one need to grasp specific solutions individually, and also the many interdependencies and cross-layer interactions.

Table of Contents

Routing in Ad Hoc Networks
Broadcasting, Multicasting and Geocasting
Wireless LANs
Wireless PANs
Wireless Mesh Networks
Directional Antenna Systems
Cognitive Radio and Networks
TCP over Ad Hoc Networks
Applications of Sensor Networks
Sensor Networks Design Considerations
Sensor Networks in Controlled Environment and Actuators
Security in Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
Integrating MANETs, WLANs, and Cellular Networks