ISBN 9781850580584,Addiction: Substance Abuse And Dependency

Addiction: Substance Abuse And Dependency


Norman Imlah


John Wiley & Sons



John Wiley & Sons

Publication Year 1989

ISBN 9781850580584

ISBN-10 1850580588


Number of Pages 192 Pages
Language (English)


The book is directed towards all those whose work brings them into contact with problems of "chemical abuse" in one form or another. It provides factual information on all aspects of the problem; presents all the main medical, social, legislative and educational issues of doubt or controversy so that misunderstandings are clarifed and readers are in a better position to come to an informed opinion; illustrates the facts and the areas of uncertainty with literary quotes, case histories and appropriate anecdotes. Dr Imlah first traces the development of today's problem before detailing the current national and international legislation, and the addicts' characteristics. Then, each drug is examined in turn - narcotics, sedatives and stimulants, alcohol, cannabis, hallucinogens, solvents, and tranquillizers. Following chapters place these in the context of addiction treatment of all kinds; the book goes on to consider the effect of these drugs on society including how drugs (including alcohol) are portrayed in popular entertainment and the media. Finally, Dr Imlah discusses current legal, social and political policies, concluding with a consideration of the educational and preventative measures now being employed to combat all forms of "chemical abuse".