ISBN 9788125036814,Adhunik Bharat Ka Ithihaas

Adhunik Bharat Ka Ithihaas




Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788125036814

ISBN-10 8125036814


Number of Pages 372 Pages
Language (Hindi)

Literary theory

Adhunik Bharat Ka Ithihaas (Hindi) is a book that provides the readers with insights into the history of British India, and the factors that contributed to the independence of the country. Summary Of The Book Adhunik Bharat Ka Ithihaas (Hindi) provides the readers a great deal of information on the history of British India. This Hindi edition of History of Modern India is based on Chandra’s extensive study of colonialism and nationalism in the country. Additionally, he also includes insights from well-known historians of that time frame. This book’s primary focus is on the forces, institutions, and movements during this period, instead of diplomatic and military events. Through the course of this book, Chandra also provides insights into the impact of British imperialism on the economic, social, and administrative life of Indian citizens. He also tells the readers about the response of Indians to this move by the British. Chandra also throws light on the political and economic scenario in the country during the 18th century, which made it possible for foreign merchants to conquer this land. The content of this book is presented in a thematic order, which helps the readers understand the material better. Adhunik Bharat Ka Ithihaas (Hindi) contains insights into the factors that led to the development of a nation-wide struggle against the British rule. It also contains detailed information on the Nationalist movement, highlighting the contributions of several leaders. This book is ideal for students, and those who desire to understand the factors that brought about the independence of India. About Bipan Chandra Bipan Chandra is a well-known historian and author. Some of Chandra’s literary works include The Rise and Growth of Economic Nationalism in India: Economic Policies of Indian National Leadership, In the Name of Democracy: The JP Movement and the Emergency, and Ideology and Politics in Modern India. Chandra was born in 1928, in Kangra Valley, which is now a part of Himachal Pradesh. He completed his studies at Forman Christian College, Lahore, and Stanford University, America. Chandra then finished his doctoral degree from Delhi University. He worked as a Lecturer at Hindu College, located in Delhi, and was later promoted to the position of a Reader there. He was appointed as a Professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Chandra has also been the Chairman of the National Book Trust from 2004 to 2012. He has been widely regarded as a secularist and nationalist.