ISBN 9789381970447,Adrishye Satye

Adrishye Satye



Gullybaba Publishing House

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789381970447

ISBN-10 9381970440


Number of Pages 181 Pages
Language (Hindi)

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Adrish Satye Adrish Satya is one of the finest collections of Hindi poems composed by Vandana Giridhar. Life has many facets and all of them have been brilliantly captured. These poems are great for literature lovers and also for everyone who is in search of meaning of life. There are over 172 poems in this book on varied subjects like love, gift, beauty, bond, eyes and so on.For every emotion of life there is a poem in this book. Each of these poems reader is definite of finding close to their heart. Written in simple Hindi, the in depth meaning of these poems are glorified with writer's command over the language and sentiments