ISBN 9788176567800,Advance 3DS Max 5- Modelling & Animating

Advance 3DS Max 5- Modelling & Animating




BPB Publications



BPB Publications

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9788176567800

ISBN-10 8176567809


Number of Pages 474 Pages
Language (English)

Computer Engineering

This book contains a unique collection of advanced projects developed with 3ds max 5. It enables reader to realize the full power of the software and improve their skills with step-by-step instructions detailing how to build complex figures and full-motion animation. Addressed to both beginners and skilled users, this book takes the reader from modeling still life to animating photorealistic and fantasy characters in a variety of natural and artificial environments. The project-based lessons are independent from each other and can be studied in any order. Each lesson teaches users not only how to master basic techniques, but also how to create professional projects in 3ds max. Filled with valuable tips to avoid the most common mistakes. Special attention is given to 3ds max 5 functions and techniques to improve the efficiency and productivity of 3d graphic development.   Table of Contents: Introduction   PROJECT 1 : A Lunar Expedition Lesson 1    :     The Script Lesson 2    :     Spaceship Modeling Lesson 3    :     Modeling the Lunar Module and Rover Lesson 4    :     Modeling and Animating an Astronaut Lesson 5    :     Modeling Space and animating the flight of the Spaceship Lesson 6    :     Modeling and Animating the Landing on the Moon Lesson 7    :     Animating the Astronaut and Lunar Rover Lesson 8    :     Rendering the Scene and Assembling the Movie   PROJECT 2 : A Living Room Lesson 9    :     Modeling the Living Room Lesson 10 :     Daylight Adjustment Lesson 11 :     Global Lighting Adjustment    ADDITIONAL LESSONS      Lesson 12 :     Navigation in 3ds max Viewpoints, Object manipulations, and Special features      Lesson 13 :     Coordinates, Transform Centers, Alignment and snaps      Lesson 14 :     Texture Creation      Lesson 15 :     Modeling a Car body Using a Sketch      Lesson 16 :     Modeling a Human head      Lesson 17 :     Modeling Lightning and an Electric Discharge      Lesson 18 :     Modeling c Soccer Ball      Lesson 19 :     Using 3ds max with Other Autodesk and Discreet Packages      Lesson 20 :     3ds max and Landscape Generators      Lesson 21 :     Useful add-Ons   Appendix Index