ISBN 9780070153226,Advanced Communicative English

Advanced Communicative English





Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 1905

ISBN 9780070153226

ISBN-10 0070153221


Language (English)

English Learning & Teaching

Explains the fundamentals of English language like word structure, vocabulary, principles of sentence construction, etc. PART I: SOUNDS AND WAVES 1. Sounds of English 2. Word Structure 3. Vocabulary Extension 4. Phrasal Verbs 5. Word Order 6. Conversational Ability PART II: COMPREHENSION AND COMPOSITION 7. Listening Comprehension 8. Reading Comprehension 9. Dicto-Composition 10. Basics of Effective Writing 11. Paragraph Writing 12. Essay Writing 13. Note-Making and Note-Taking 14. Precis Writing 15. New Writing 16. Letter Writing 17. E-Writing 18. Term Paper 19. Book Reviews PART III: GRAMMAR AND USAGE 20. Parts of Speech 21. Structure of Sentences 22. Sequence of Tenses 23. Use of Articles 24. Modes of Reporting APPENDICES: A. Review Tests B. Common Affixes and Latin Roots C. Medical Terms D. Terms used in Information Technology E. Us of Preposition F. Irregular Verbs G. Punctuation and Capitalisation Elucidates different forms of writings in English and their characteristics Plenty of exhibits and tables to support concepts and theories Examples and exercises for effective practice Ready-reference material as appendices