ISBN 9789380108926,Advanced Engineering Mathematics

Advanced Engineering Mathematics



Jones & Bartlett Learning

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789380108926

ISBN-10 9380108923


Edition 4th edition
Number of Pages 1006 Pages
Language (English)

Educational: Mathematics & numeracy

Now with a full-color design, the new fourth edition of Zill"s Advanced Engineering Mathematics provides an in-depth overview of the many mathematical topics necessary for students planning a career in engineering or the sciences. A key strength of this text is Zill’s emphasis on differential equations as mathematical models, discussing the constructs and pitfalls of each. The Fourth edition is comprehensive, yet flexible, to meet the unique needs of various course offerings ranging from ordinary differential equations to vector calculus. New modern applications and projects, makes Zill’s classic text a must-have text and resource for Engineering Math students.

Key Features

New full-colour design and art program
Nine new interesting projects appear in the front of the text
Comprises a new section on Green’s functions for ordinary differential equations. Includes new modern projects and applications
Sections on Dot Product and Cross Product have been completely rewritten to bring them in conformity with the current approach to these subjects
The section on Independence of the Path has also been completely rewritten. As an aftereffect of the calculus reform movement, the approach to this subject puts special emphasis on the notion of a conservative vector field; the rewriting brings this section into conformity with that approach
New problems have been added throughout the entire text

Table of Contents


Projects for Section 2.2: When Differential Equations Invaded Geometry: Inverse Tangent Problems in the 17th Century
Projects for Section 2.5: Two properties of the sphere
Projects for Section 2.7: Potassium-Argon Dating
Projects for Section 2.8: Tricky timing: The Isochrones of Huygenes and Leibniz
Projects for Section 3.8: Vibration control: Vibration Isolation
Projects for Section 3.11: Vibration control: Vibration Absorbers
Projects for Section 9.16: Minimal Surfaces
Projects for Section 13.4: Making waves: Convection, Diffusion, and Traffic Flow
Projects for Section 14.4: The uncertainity inequality in signal processing

Part 1: Ordinary Differential Equations


Chapter 1: Introduction to Differential Equations 
Chapter 2: First-Order Differential Equations 
Chapter 3: Higher-Order Differential Equations 
Chapter 4: The Laplace Transform 
Chapter 5: Series Solutions of Linear Differential Equations 
Chapter 6: Numerical Solutions of Ordinary Differential Equations

Part 2: Vectors, Matrices, and Vector Calculus


Chapter 7: Vectors 
Chapter 8: Matrices 
Chapter 9: Vector Calculus

Part 3: Systems of Differential Equations


Chapter 10: Systems of Linear Differential Equations 
Chapter 11: Systems of Nonlinear Differential Equations

Part 4: Partial Differential Equations


Chapter 12: Orthogonal Functions and Fourier Series 
Chapter 13: Boundary-Value Problems in Rectangular Coordinates 
Chapter 14: Boundary-Value Problems in Other Coordinate Systems 
Chapter 15: Integral Transform Method 
Chapter 16: Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations

Part 5: Complex Analysis


Chapter 17: Functions of a Complex Variable 
Chapter 18: Integration in the Complex Plane 
Chapter 19: Series and Residues 
Chapter 20: Conformal Mappings

Appendix 1: 
Appendix II 
Appendix III 
Appendix IV