ISBN 9788172450755,Advanced Essays for College and Competitive Examinations (REVISED)

Advanced Essays for College and Competitive Examinations (REVISED)



Goodwill Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788172450755

ISBN-10 8172450753


Number of Pages 576 Pages
Language (English)

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In simple terms an essay can be defined as a write-up on a topic. Its length varies according to need and purpose-from a few hundred words-to a few pages. The style, therefore, may also vary from terse and pithy, as in a short composition, to descriptive as in a long composition. Various types of topics-social, economic, political, scientific, legal and literary are covered in a book on essays. In the present times there is a tendency to include current events in essay books because short to medium write-ups on various burning issues are required to be written in many competitive examinations. However, essays on general socio-economic problems are the favourites of essayists and paper setters of academic as well as competitive examinations. Several books on essays are available in the market. But the book Advanced Essays is different from similar other books because of its comprehensive coverage. It covers a wide range of topics and deals with each one of them analytically, giving latest facts and positions. The tone of each essay is suggestive, not critical. An attempt has been made to give the students sufficient material on a large variety of topics so that they are well-equipped to come out with flying colours in the examination they take. English is unarguably the most important language today. It is not only a medium of the lion's share of print material newspapers and periodicals-but also Internet and websites. Correct English expression is a must for every student to rise higher in life. This book fully realizes the importance of an impressive English expression and exemplifies the same in each of its essays. The students can imbibe such expressions by reading this book thoroughly. Although simple and lucid, the book has maintained throughout, a high standard of expression based on a decent range of vocabulary, basics of grammar and sentence structure. After reading this book, the students will find great improvement in their own style of writing. They will also start thinking logically about the given topics and start writing effectively. The material provided in each essay is so comprehensive that even if they remember half of it, they will outshine others in the examination. The book will prove very useful to students of various academic classes/courses as well as the aspirants of different competitive examinations.