ISBN 9780070434486,Advanced Microprocessors And Interfacing

Advanced Microprocessors And Interfacing



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2000

ISBN 9780070434486

ISBN-10 0070434484


Number of Pages 388 Pages
Language (English)


Advanced Microprocessor And Interfacing is a useful text for the second course in Microprocessors. With coverage of higher processors as well as the 8086, it is a must-have reference book for undergraduates, as well as diploma students who are pursuing electronics and communication engineering, computer engineering, and electronics and electrical engineering. Advanced Microprocessor And Interfacing has several salient features. Firstly, it provides a detailed description of the 16 bit, 32 bit, and 64 bit microprocessors. Secondly, the author has provided clear and concise explanations about assembly language programming for the 8086 processor, with examples. Students will also find a comprehensive coverage of 16 bit microcontrollers like Intel 8096 and 32 bit microcontrollers like IBM Power PC 403GA. To assist students with developing industrial applications, Ram has included topics such as interfacing ADC 8009, Hold Circuit of Intel 8086, and programs related to assembly language. Standards and architectures such as MCA, EISA, USB, IEEE, and AGP are also mentioned. Math coprocessors, graphics coprocessors, video coprocessors, and the Intel 740-3D graphics chip are also given coverage. Information on various types of controllers such as the magnetic disk, keyboard, memory, USART, and interrupt, has also been included. The text is organized into 14 chapters. Chapters 1 through to 11, cover course materials. The remaining three chapters contain an appendix, bibliography, and an index. To support students' understanding of the course material, the text includes over 160 review questions, 62 examples of programming, and 96 illustrations. Advanced Microprocessor and Interfacing was published in 2001. About the author :- Badri Ram is an Author and Professor in the Electrical Engineering department at Bihar College of Engineering, which is located in Patna. He has also authored Power System Protection And Switchgear. Professor Ram holds a BE degree, an ME degree and completed his Ph.D. at Patna University. Since then, he has acquired nearly 40 years of research and teaching experience. Ram was awarded the K F Antia award by the Institute of Engineers for his research on Half Wave Length Power transmission. Ram is also a fellow of the National Association of Computer Educators and Trainers.