ISBN 9788132104445,Advances in Cognitive Science

Advances in Cognitive Science


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788132104445

ISBN-10 8132104447

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Number of Pages 216 Pages
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Advertising Basics! is a one-stop resource for anyone who wishes to understand and unravel the exciting world of advertising. Beginning from the basics, the book uses a simple commonsense approach to explain everything one wants to know about advertising and how the industry works on a daily basis. The book begins with a brief history which gives the reader an understanding of how advertising has evolved from the way it was practiced earlier in the teeming bazaars to its sophisticated and technologically advanced avatar today. The authors then discuss each aspect of the advertising industry in detail, giving pointers, suggestions and in-depth analysis of how things work in each department. Some of the highlights of this text are: - A holistic introduction which gives the reader a pan-industry perspective of advertising. - The nitty-gritties of copywriting for the main media-newspapers, magazines, radio, film, television and the Internet. - Detailed chapters on advertising agencies, client servicing and the creative aspects of advertising. - Pointers on how to conduct an advertising campaign. - Numerous advertisements which illustrate the theory and examples used in the book. - Tips on how to select an advertising agency and in what circumstances the agency should be changed. - A simple, approachable and anecdotal style of writing which the reader will enjoy. Table of Contents Preface How it All Began Conventional Advertising and Advertising Agencies The New Advertising Agency-The Stress is on Client Servicing On to Copy, Folks! The Craft of Advertising Copywriting Writing for Radio, Television and Film Advertising in the ICT Age: The Future Bibliography Index