ISBN 9780571298112,Adventures With The Wife In Space

Adventures With The Wife In Space


Neil Perryman


Faber & Faber



Faber & Faber

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9780571298112

ISBN-10 0571298117


Number of Pages 304 Pages
Language (English)

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Review All Doctor Who fans and their spouses should buy this book. It will save them years of expensive therapy. (Matthew Sweet) Affectionate, accurate and funny - you will want to be their friend. (Toby Hadoke, creator of Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf) Hysterically funny and also surprisingly moving, it's a definitive celebration of how fantastic Doctor Who is, even when it's a bit rubbish. (Joseph Lidster, writer of Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures) Neil Perryman's book is simply a delight - the genuinely funny and rather moving memoir of much more than an obsession. Anyone who has been a child, or tried to make a relationship work, or been embarrassed by a personal passion will find much to love. And if you know what a zeus plug is, or how to reverse its polarity, then you'll be happy, too. (A L Kennedy) If ever a TV programme needed the **** taken out of it lovingly, it was Doctor Who. Now the show has its Siskel and Ebert, its Statler and Waldorf, its Beavis and Butthead. Even non-Whovians will love this book. I certainly did. (Louis Barfe, author of 'Turned Out Nice Again: The Story of British Light Entertainment') Book Description 'This is a very, very funny book; touching too.' Jenny Colgan About the Author Neil Perryman fell in love with Doctor Who when he was 3 years old and 40 years later, he still can't stop thinking about it. Neil has also been responsible for a number of popular websites over the last 10 years, including 'Adventures with the Wife in Space', 'Tachyon TV' and 'Behind the Sofa' (which is still listed under the Guardian's TV & Radio blog's Site We Like, even though it hasn't been updated for two and a half years).