ISBN 9788120341364,Advertising And Public Relations Research

Advertising And Public Relations Research



M.E. Sharpe

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788120341364

ISBN-10 8120341368


Number of Pages 336 Pages
Language (English)


This book is designed to serve as a primary text for research methods courses in Advertising at both undergraduate and masters levels. Although the authors cover the design and conduct of research in ample detail, their goal is to provide the information need by future practitioners to commission and apply research to their work problems in advertising and PR. Highlights : Each chapter begins with a list of learning objectives The text material (supplemented by plentiful exhibits) is exceptionally clear and readable, and has a practical orientation Chapters conclude with brief summaries, discussion questions to help expand and test students' comprehension. Suggested research exercises, and sources for additional information at the end of each chapter Table Of Contents: CONTENTS Preface. Part I??"Introduction to Advertising and Public Relations Research??"1. Needs for Research in Advertising and Public Relations. 2. Research Plans. 3. Some Research Definitions. 4. Planning and Designing Research. Part II??"Secondary Research in Advertising and Public Relations??"5. Introduction to Secondary Research. 6. Syndicated Research. 7. Online Resources. 8. Other Useful Resources. Part III??"Primary Research in Advertising and Public Relations: Qualitative Research??"9. Uses of Qualitative Research. 10. How Qualitative Research Can Enhance Quantitative Research. 11. Handling Qualitative Data. Part IV??"Primary Research in Advertising and Public Relations: Quantitative Research??"12. Empirical Research: Survey Research. 13. Sampling. 14. Measuring Instruments. 15. Questions Wording. 16. Interviewer Training. 17. Obtaining Accurate Responses. 18. Data Tabulation. 19. Applications of Quantitative Research. 20. Experimental Research. 21. Experimental Approaches. 22. Quasi-Experimental Research. 23. Experimental Applications in Advertising and Public Relations. Part V??"Primary Research in Advertising and Public Relations: Other Research Methods: 24. Historical and Legal Research