ISBN 9789382993025,Afghan Endgames: Strategy and Policy Choices for Americas Longest War

Afghan Endgames: Strategy and Policy Choices for Americas Longest War



Cambridge University Press

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789382993025

ISBN-10 9382993029


Number of Pages 248 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

The United States and its allies have been fighting the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan for a decade in a war that either side could still win. While a gradual drawdown has begun, significant numbers of US combat troops will remain in Afghanistan until at least 2014, perhaps longer, depending on the situation on the ground. Given the realities of the Taliban's persistence and the desire of US policymakers--and the public--to find a way out, what can and should be the goals of the US and its allies in Afghanistan?

Afghan Endgames boldly pursues several strands of thought suggesting that a strong, legitimate central government is far from likely to emerge in Kabul that fewer coalition forces, used in creative ways, may have better effects on the ground than a larger, more conventional presence and that, even though Pakistan should not be pushed too hard, so as to avoid sparking social chaos there, Afghanistan's other neighbors can and should be encouraged to become more actively involved. The volume's editors conclude that while there may never be complete peace in Afghanistan, a self-sustaining security system able to restore order swiftly in the wake of violence is attainable