ISBN 9788132105121,Agrarian Crisis and Farmer Suicides

Agrarian Crisis and Farmer Suicides


R S Deshpande


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788132105121

ISBN-10 8132105125

Hard Back

Number of Pages 464 Pages
Language (English)


This volume is the twelfth in the series ?Land Reforms in India?. The essays in this volume bring out the multi-dimensional aspects of the agrarian crisis, and its impact on farmers? suicides leading to public policy. A distinctive feature of this collection is its holistic approach towards viewing farm sector distress, instead of looking for isolated causes and solutions. The essays are based on the research and analyses conducted by academics and administrators from different parts of the country. These examine the reasons for the growing agrarian crisis and increasing incidences of farmers? suicides in specific regions of the country. They take into account regional specifics in agricultural growth and implementation of policies in different states. In doing this, they bring forth different shades of farm sector distress, which in turn, leads to a better understanding of the situation. The compilation also attempts to define a systematic policy line. Table of Contents Foreword by PADAMVIR SINGH A Note from the Co-ordinator ASHISH VACHHANI Editors Introduction R S DESHPANDE and SAROJ ARORA Economic Reforms, Small Farmer Economy and Agrarian Crisis D NARASIMHA REDDY and SRIJIT MISHRA Contextualizing the Agrarian Suicides A R VASAVI Poor Indian Farmers Plight and Liberalisation: An Overview A K SINGHAL Path of Development and Politics in Karnataka MUZAFFAR ASSADI Globalisation, Agrarian Crisis and Farmers Suicides: Illusion and Reality R S DESHPANDE and KHALIL SHAH Globalisation vis-a-vis Agrarian Crisis in India M S SIDHU Cotton Growers: Experience from Vidarbha NEELIMA DESHMUKH Economic Reforms and Regional Disparities E REVATHI and SHAIK GALAB The Drought Prone Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh G SREEDHAR Distress and Deceased in Andhra Pradesh: An Analysis of Causes of Farmers Suicide T PRABHAKAR REDDY Indebtedness and Farmers Suicides K GOPAL IYER and SAROJ ARORA Punjab Peasantry: A Question of Life and Debt ANITA GILL Agrarian Crisis in Punjab and Policy Options G S KALKAT Credit through Participatory Management: The Way for Rural Smile RAVIKESH SRIVASTAVA Way Out: Short-Term and Long-Term Measures for Sustainable Agriculture SRINIVASAN SANTHANAM Farmers Suicide: Behavioural and Social Dimensions GYANMUDRA Providing a Level Playing Field for the Small Farmer MEETA RAJIVLOCHAN and M RAJIVLOCHAN Way Forward R S DESHPANDE and SAROJ ARORA Index