Agriculture Finance and Marketing


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Publication Year 2018


ISBN-10 9384533408
Edition 1st


Finance in agriculture is as important as development of technologies. Technical inputs can be purchased and used by farmer only if he has money. But his own money is always inadequate and he needs outside finance or credit. Professional money lenders were the only source of credit to agriculture till 1935, they use to charge unduly high rates of interest and follow serious practices while giving loans and recovering them. As a result farmers were burdened with debts and many of them perpetuated debts. Agricultural finance in general and institutional agricultural finance in particular are becoming more important today than ever before to increase production and productivity varieties of seeds fertilizers insecticides and fungicides must be used . But these modern inputs must often be purchased on cast payment about 65.74% of Nepalese people of the Nepalese farmer. Nearly 24% of the people live below the poverty line. In order to assess the adequacy of agricultural marketing infrastructure in the marketed surplus. Generally there is positive association between production and marketed surplus. Several studies carried out by individual researchers and national and international organizations provide the projections of both demand and supply of agricultural commodities at different points of time.

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