ISBN 9780070677470,Aircraft Safety : Accident Investigations, Analyses and Applications

Aircraft Safety : Accident Investigations, Analyses and Applications



McGraw Hill Education

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9780070677470

ISBN-10 0070677476


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 494 Pages
Language (English)

Aeronautical Engineering

This worldwide bestseller utilizes case studies to examine and explain aircraft accidents and incidents
Covers five major problem causes: human factors, weather, mid-air collisions, mechanical failure, runway incursions
NEW TO THIS EDITION: Chapters on Monitoring/Managing Cockpit Behavior and Spatial Disorientation; 27 new case studies; 25% new illustrations
Updated data and statistics throughout

Table of Contents : -
Part One: Human Factors
Chapter 1: Judgment And Decision-Making
Chapter 2: Accurate Situation Assessment Leads To Good Situation Awareness
Chapter 3: Crew Resource Management: The Integration Of Interpersonal Skills And Technical Proficiency
Chapter 4: Spatial Disorientation
Part I: Case Studies
Part Two: Runway Incursions
Part II: Case Studies
Part Three: Weather
Chapter 5: Air Masses And Fronts
Chapter 6: Cloud Formation
Chapter 7: Thunderstorms
Chapter 8: Downbursts And Low-Level Windshear
Chapter 9: Icing Conditions
Chapter 10: Turbulence
Chapter 11: Wake-Vortex Turbulence
Part III: Case Studies
Part Four: Mid-Air Collisions
Chapter 12: Mid-Air Collision Avoidance: From See-And-Avoid To Search-And-Detect
Part IV: Case Studies
Part Five: Mechanical And Maintenance
Part V: Case Studies