ISBN 9780070144897,Airline Cabin Crew

Airline Cabin Crew



Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780070144897

ISBN-10 0070144893


Number of Pages 404 Pages
Language (English)


This book has been written as a resource material for all the aspirants of a career in the aviation sector. It will be useful especially for those, who wish to join this industry as cabin crew. It will also serve as a guide for people who have already joined the profession and are interested in acquiring more skills. The book guides the reader through various technical aspects related to the job and also helps in gaining the required information about personality and soft-skills. Thus, it gives the necessary confidence to get started on the job right-away. Salient Features Provides elaborate information on various aspects of career in aviation sector Guides the reader through the processes, rules and other requirements Text supported by plenty of illustrations Table of content :- 1. Routine of Cabin Crew 2. Departments of Airlines and Cabin Crew's Interaction with These 3. Cabin Crew's Interaction with Other Crew Members 4. Cabin Familiarisation and Catering Equipment Used for Passenger Service 5. Important Duties of Cabin Crew (in Normal Circumstances) 6. Understanding the Psychology and Expectations of the Passengers and the Expected Behaviour of Cabin Crew 7. Emergency Equipment 8. Body Language of Cabin Crew 9. Emergency Conditions and Cabin Crew's Duty During emergency Situations 10. Components, Controls and Instruments of the Aircraft 11.How Aircraft Flies Through Air (Basic Theory of Flight) and Some Common Aviation Terminologies 12. First Aid 13. History of Civil Aviation 14. A-Z of Interview Appendix A Aircraft Airbus Appendix B Aircraft Boeing Appendix C ATR Appendix D Places of Tourist Interest

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