ISBN 9780716950011,Ali Baba And Other Stories

Ali Baba And Other Stories


Angus Maciver


Hodder & Stoughton



Hodder & Stoughton

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780716950011

ISBN-10 0716950014


Number of Pages 192 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

First Aid in English Reader A-F offers a diverse collection of fiction, non-fiction and poetry from many different cultures. Texts are drawn from a range of different genres with attractive illustrations to help engage the reader's attention. Arranged thematically, the texts are interspersed with comprehension questions and exercises designed to contribute to the reader's own writing skills. Suitable for use in the whole class or by individuals, pairs and groups. A diverse collection of fiction, non-fiction and poetry from around the world Texts specially selected to appeal to children and maintain their interest Illustrations used to aid comprehension Questions and exercises check understanding and help develop composition skills Table Of Contents The King and the Gooseherd Androcles and the Lion The Duck's Ditty, by Kenneth Grahame The Hedgehog and the Hare Owl-Light, The Princess and the Shepherd My Dog A Strange Treasure Anansi in Jamaica A Kind Hearted Boy Bedtime A Clever Trick The Moon The Golden Touch Brer Rabbit Goes Fishing The Story of a River Rumpel-Stilts-Kin Goodbye A Hot Land India Pinocchio the Puppet The Mice An Unseen Foe Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves The Shepherd The Wonderful Ant The Wooden Horse of Troy Anansi and the Fairies