ISBN 9788184081855,Alice In Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland



Indiana Publishing House

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788184081855

ISBN-10 8184081855


Language (English)

Action & Adventure

Alice In Wonderland is one of the most popular books written for children, and narrates the adventures of Alice, who enters a wonderland through a rabbit hole, through which she accidentally falls.

The story starts with a young girl named Alice, who is sitting on the riverbank with her sister, weary and bored. In no time, she encounters a White Rabbit who seems to be in a hurry.

She is taken aback by the fact that the rabbit can speak, and also notices that the rabbit possesses a pocket watch. The rabbit flees after seeing Alice.

This makes her curious and she sets off after the rabbit, in an attempt to find out more. Her journey brings to a rabbit hole, into which she falls while following the rabbit.

Before she can even understand what's going on, Alice finds herself in a strange hallway with doors of different sizes. She comes across a small key, which is just about right for opening a small door, and opens the same to find a beautiful garden inside. The book then takes readers through Alice's unnatural adventures in wonderland, where she meets a hoard of talking animals and birds and other curious creatures. Some of the most popular characters from this book are the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, a blue caterpillar, a tired Dormouse, and the Queen of Hearts.

There have been numerous adaptations of Alice In Wonderland. A bunch of movies across different generations have been released based on this central theme. A host of comic book adaptations have been published as well. Moreover, musical plays have also been organized from time to time as a tribute to the book.

About Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll was a very popular English writer, mathematician, logician, and photographer.

Apart from this book, Carroll is renowned for writing other books, some of which are Through the Looking-Glass, Jabberwocky, and The Hunting of the Snark.

He mainly writes stories that are a blend of children's fiction literature, fantasy, and mathematical deductions and logic. Sometimes, he has been noted to express his views and opinions through his poetry too.

He was born in Cheshire, England in the year 1832. During his early youth, he was home schooled. From the family accounts, it was inferred that he had great fondness for literature from a very early age. In 1846, he enrolled himself into Rugby School. He was not really able to associate himself there and for this reason, left the school after a while. Afterwards, he matriculated at Christ Church in the year 1850. In the year 1852, he received first-class honours in Mathematics Moderations and later on, was recommended for a Studentship. In the year 1854, he went on to achieve first-class honours in the Final Honours School of Mathematics, and became a graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He is respected for his immaculate selection of words, combined with logic and fantasy, throughout the world. He passed away in Surrey, England in the year 1898.