ISBN 9788184081367,All About Psychological Tests & Assessment Centres

All About Psychological Tests & Assessment Centres



Indiana Publishing House

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788184081367

ISBN-10 8184081367

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Language (English)


Psychological tests and asessment centers are personnel selection techniques that now seem to be in every job hunter s handbook. This book is based on years of research into the theory and everyday practice of tests and assessment techniques as employed by selection agencies and the larger organisations.

The Impenetrable land of better jobs has strict entry requirements. The barrier is only lifted for those who posses the 'PASSED' stamp. This book offers those who are keen to move to the world of better jobs a wealth of practical information as well as the chance to pracise typical test and assessment centre exercises at home.

The book looks in detail at a wide variety of test, including 'IQ' personality and comprehension tests, with examples and guidelines. It also examines the individual elements of assessment centres and how behaviour is tested and analysed.

For anyone embarking on an upward career move, this is an essential read in order to prepare for the inevitable tests and assessments that will be used by the recruiters