ISBN 9781856281744,An Engineer's Guide to Water Treatment

An Engineer's Guide to Water Treatment



Misclenious Publishers

Publication Year 1991

ISBN 9781856281744

ISBN-10 1856281744


Number of Pages 400 Pages
Language (English)

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Water treatment is a highly specialised subject of universal importance with few experts but many users. Unlike most books on water, this covers the whole water cycle, from treatment of surface and well waters to modern ways of dealing with effluent.
The authors are well qualified and highly experienced practitioners in water treatment. Their clear and sometimes humorous explanation will endear the book to all engineers whose professional activity requires them to be involved with the water cycle.
Each of its sections can usefully be read on its own, helped by an immensely useful Glossary, an Index, and by extensive cross-referencing. There are plenty of illustrations, diagrams, and tables. Everything is aimed at making it easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to locate just the bit of information wanted. The different subjects, including deaeration and dealkalization, eliminating pyrogens, reveres osmosis, base exchange, demineralization, filtration, flotation and nitrate removal, are discussed and explained in an entertaining, clear fashion which avoids jargon.