ISBN 9789381651780,An Immortal Story : A Tale of Tolerance Beyond Limit

An Immortal Story : A Tale of Tolerance Beyond Limit


Ayush Books



Ayush Books

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789381651780

ISBN-10 9381651787


Number of Pages 336 Pages
Language (English)


Do you have a permanent dream? I know the answer of the majority will be yes. Vinayak (the lead character) had one too. But what if your dream will scatter like a pack of cards and it becomes certain that you can never achieve your goal.

What if you lose someone dear, your studies left in between, unwillingly get married at an early age, have to bear most of the responsibilities and internal strife of your joint family (that too at an early age), hated by your wife and in-laws, lose your health and natural-you and finally find yourself doing an unwanted 3rd grade clerical job.

Is it possible to see another dream now (while pain for the first one still lingers), is it possible to focus when you are struggling for almost everything? The answer is yes. This is a story of a boy who lost precious years of his early twenties just to find out what could be his second dream since from childhood he wanted to do something big. He had to fight almost everything to achieve his dream. An Immortal Story is the story of struggle with own, struggle for love, struggle with life, with society and for career. This is the story of tolerance beyond limit. If you are down in any field of life this story will hold your hand, let you up and give the courage to follow your positive side of heart. Welcome to An Immortal Story Alife-giving tale.