ISBN 9789380108063,An Introduction to Analysis

An Introduction to Analysis



Jones & Bartlett Learning

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9789380108063

ISBN-10 9380108060


Edition 2nd edition
Number of Pages 348 Pages
Language (English)

Educational: Mathematics & numeracy

Key Features Includes an introduction to multivariable calculus with three new sections integrated into the development of the corresponding single variable material. Includes a new final chapter on differential equations A wealth of exercises, varying in style and degree of difficulty, are found in each section, and enable students to test their understanding of key material. Hints are provided for the more difficult problems, and a number of problems are broken down into more manageable parts. An introductory note speaks to instructors who may not have time to cover all material in the text, and includes comments on the interrelationship between topics and how to modify the presentation to fit course needs. Solutions to the text's exercises are available to qualify instructors. About the Book: An Introduction to Analysis Completely revised and updated, the second edition of An Introduction to Analysis presents a concise and sharply focused introduction to the basic concepts of analysis-from the development of real numbers through uniform convergences of a sequence of functions-and includes coverage both of the analysis of functions of more than one variable and of differential equations. This student-friendly text maintains a cautious and deliberate pace, and examples and figures are used extensively to assist the reader in understanding the concepts and then applying them. Students will become actively engaged in the learning process with a broad and comprehensive collection of problems found at the end of each section. Contents Chapter 1 The Real Numbers Chapter 2 Sequences Chapter 3 Functions and Continuity Chapter 4 The Derivative Chapter 5 The Integral Chapter 6 Infinite Series Chapter 7 Sequences and Series of Functions Chapter 8 Introduction to Differential Equations Appendix: Solutions and Hints for Selected Problems List of Symbols