ISBN 9781107655386,An Introduction to International Criminal Law and Procedure

An Introduction to International Criminal Law and Procedure



Cambridge University Press

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9781107655386

ISBN-10 1107655382


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 684 Pages
Language (English)


This market-leading textbook gives an authoritative account of international criminal law, and focuses on what the student needs to know - the crimes that are dealt with by international courts and tribunals as well as the procedures that police the investigation and prosecution of those crimes. The reader is guided through controversies with an accessible, yet sophisticated approach by the author team of four international lawyers, with experience both of teaching the subject, and as negotiators at the foundation of the International Criminal Court and the Rome conference. It is an invaluable introduction for all students of international criminal law and international relations, and now covers developments in the ICC, victims' rights, and alternatives to international criminal justice, as well as including extended coverage of terrorism. Short, well chosen excerpts allow students to familiarize themselves with primary material from a wide range of sources. An extensive package of on line resources is also available. Table of Content Part I. Introduction 1. Introduction: what is international criminal law 2. The objectives of international criminal law Part II. Prosecutions in National Courts 3. Jurisdiction 4. National prosecutions of international crimes 5. State cooperation with respect to national proceedings Part III. International Prosecutions 6. The history of international criminal prosecutions: Nuremberg and Tokyo 7. The ad hoc international criminal tribunals 8. The International Criminal Court 9. Other courts with international elements 10. Genocide 11. Crimes against humanity 12. War crimes 13. Aggression 14. Transnational crimes, terrorism and torture Part IV. Principles and Procedures of International Prosecutions 15. General principles of liability 16. Defences grounds for excluding criminal responsibility 17. Procedures of international criminal investigations and prosecutions 18. Victims in the international criminal process 19. Sentencing and penalties Part V. Relationship between National and International Systems 20. State cooperation with the international courts and tribunals 21. Immunities 22. Alternatives and complements to criminal prosecution 23. The future of international criminal law.