ISBN 9780070611030,An Introduction To Object-Oriented Programming With Java

An Introduction To Object-Oriented Programming With Java



Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780070611030

ISBN-10 0070611033


Edition 4th
Number of Pages 950 Pages
Language (English)

Programming languages||

An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Java takes a full-immersion approach to Object-Oriented programming. Proper Object-Oriented design practice are emphasized throughout the book i. Students learn how to use the standard classes first, then learn to design their own classes. In the fourth edition, Wu uses a gentler approach to teaching students how to design their own classes, separating the coverage into two chapters. Features Java 5.0 (also known as java 2 SDK 1.5) features are showcased. New examples to make difficult topics more accessible to students. Objects are emphasized from the start, training students to think about programming in an Object-oriented way. Incremental Program Development is taught through Sample Development Programs. Diagrams and Student-friendly pedagogy used extensively. Table of content :- Chapter 0 Introduction to Computers and Programming Languages Chapter 1 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming and Software Development Chapter 2 Getting Started With Java Chapter 3 Numerical Data Chapter 4 Defining Your Own Classes-Part-1 Chapter 5 Selection Statements Chapter 6 Repetition Statements Chapter 7 Defining Your Own Classes-Part-2 Chapter 8 Exceptions and Assertions Chapter 9 Characters and Strings Chapter 10 Arrays Chapter 11 Sorting and Searching Chapter 12 File Input & Output Chapter 13 Inheritance and Polymorphism Chapter 14 GUI and Event-Driven Programming Chapter 15 Recursive Algorithms A How to Run Java Programs B Sample Programs C Standard Classes and Interfaces D UML Diagrams Index