ISBN 9780749449209,An UnAmerican Business: The Rise of the New European Enterprise

An UnAmerican Business: The Rise of the New European Enterprise


Donald Kalff


Kogan Page Ltd



Kogan Page Ltd

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780749449209

ISBN-10 0749449209

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Number of Pages 220 Pages
Language (English)

Business & management

An UnAmerican Business challenges the widely held belief that the American Enterprise Model is the only form of capitalism to guarantee business success. Why should it continue to set the world standard for companies? The corporate scandals of the last few years that have beset the US business scene have shaken many people's belief in the American model and Donald Kalff now presents a compelling alternative - a European Enterprise Model. In this book, he outlines a European way of doing business that is founded on very different values of culture, ethics and economic considerations, but which is at the same time highly competitive.

Kalff shows us how inflexible, inefficient and ineffective the American approach to business can be and challenges us to reject the broadly held view of the American Enterprise Model. He believes that the root cause is the web of expectations spun around listed companies, both in the United States and in Europe, by the consultants and financial institutions; companies are driven to optimize their profit per share as the presumed route to an ever-increasing return on shareholder investment.

An Un American Business identifies eight areas where European companies could add significant economic value through the introduction of more advanced business models (rather than sacrificing it to shareholder expectation). All those who believe that change is inevitable will find Donald Kalff's optimistic assessment of the future prospects for European companies persuasive and compelling.

About The Author
Dr Donald Kalff is co-founder and CEO of Immpact, a biotech company, advisor to strategy consultants Roland Berger and visiting professor at the Leiden University School of Management, Netherlands. He has a PhD from Wharton Business School.

Table of Contents
The revolution of the 1990s
The empire strikes back
Confidence restored
The American view of the model
The American Enterprise Model
A second look
Wrapping up
The 1990s were not what they seemed
The US economy performed poorly
US corporate results were dismal
A legacy of vulnerabilities
Sacrificing the shareholder
An indictment
The end of the road
Economic policies in the US and in the EU
The corporate gloss loses its shine
Can the franchise be renewed?
In summary
Unintended consequences and unaccounted costs
The hero of the 1990s
Corporate head office
The Gulag Archipelago
A European Enterprise model
The foundations of growth
Ownership, control and economic benefits
The European manager
The management agenda
A sense of inevitability
The competitiveness of Europe
Rekindling internal growth
A world of partnerships
The new foundations
Taking stock About the Author