ISBN 9780071072694,Analog And Digital Communication

Analog And Digital Communication



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780071072694

ISBN-10 0071072691


Number of Pages 936 Pages
Language (English)

Basic Engineering

The book, though comprehensive, has been developed in a reader-friendly fashion by providing numerous pedagogical aids for the study of Communication Systems. The product has been designed as per the need of the student whose requirement is to gain apt knowledge as per the examinations. An important feature is that the book takes a balanced approach towards both Analog & Digital Communications. Salient Features MATLAB incorporated within text (approx 120 examples) Important points and commonly made mistakes specially highlighted Numerous interesting pedagogical features closely resembling examination patterns fill-in-the blanks,MCQs, short answer type questions etc TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction to Electronic Communications 2. Signals, Probability and Random Processes 3. Noise 4. Amplitude Modulation Techniques 5. Angle Modulation Techniques 6. Analog Transmission and Reception 7. Sampling Theorem and Pulse-Modulation Techniques 8. Digital Baseband Transmission and Multiplexing 9. Digital Modulation Techniques 10. Information Theory 11. Source and Channel Coding 12. Spread Spectrum Communication Appendix A: Standards for Analog and Digital Communications Appendix B: Mathematical Formulae Appendix C: Model Test Papers Appendix D: Abbreviations and Acronyms