ISBN 9788129110626,Analyse Your Date Of Birth

Analyse Your Date Of Birth


R. K. Baqaya


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788129110626

ISBN-10 8129110628


Number of Pages 205 Pages
Language (English)

Autobiography: general

Humans have always been curious about their future. Analyse Your Date of Birth synthesizes your character and behaviour with your future, based on the science of numerology. Numerology is the study of the occult meanings of numbers- that set of numbers associated with the date of your birth or the letters of your name-and their influence on human life. This book analyses the date of birth according to numerology. People have, since ancient times, looked to the heavens and the planets for guidance. This resulted in the study of planets, their movement, their positions during the birth of a person, and their effect on humans. This study was called astrology. The author has used western astrology to analyse the month a person was born in. And finally, the year in which a person is born is analysed according to Chinese Astrology. In Chinese Astrology, twelve animals signs are allotted to each of the twelve years constituting the smaller cycle of the Chinese Zodiac. According to Chinese legends it was Lord Buddha who rewarded every animal who come to him just before he departed from earth, by naming a year after it. This book is a detailed study of the occult sciences, and brings to you a novel method to predict your future. About the Author Rup Krishen Baqaya was born in Kashmir on 17 August 1946. He was the Chief Commissioner of Income Tax in Kolkata and captained the Indian Veterans Table Tennis team, which participated in the Asian Veterans Table Tennis Tournament (Melbourne, 1997). This is his first book.