ISBN 9781107638167,Analysis Of Aircraft Structures

Analysis Of Aircraft Structures



Cambridge University Press

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781107638167

ISBN-10 110763816X


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 974 Pages
Language (English)

Space science

As With The First Edition, This Text Provides A Clear Introduction To The Fundamental Theory Of Structural Analysis As Applied To Vehicles, Aircraft, Spacecraft, Automobiles, And Ships. The Emphasis Is On The Application Of Fundamental Concepts Of Structural Analysis In Everyday Engineering Practice. No Assumptions Are Made With Regard To The Method Of Analysis. All Approximations Are Accompanied By A Full Explanation Of Their Validity. Repetition Is An Important Learning Tool, And So Some Redundancy Appears To Dispel Misunderstanding.

The Number Of Topics Covered In Detail Is Limited To Those Essential For Modern Structural Engineering Practice. In This New Edition, More Topics, Figures, Examples, And Exercises Have Been Added. A Primary Change Has Been A Greater Emphasis On The Finite Element Methods Of Analysis. Three New Chapters Are Now Included, And Clarity Remains The Hallmark Of This Text.

Table Of Contents

Introduction To The Second Edition Introduction To The First Edition

Part I. The Fundamentals Of Structural Analysis

1. Stress In Structures
2. Stresses And Coordinate Axis Rotations
3. Displacements And Strains
4. Strains In Rotated Coordinate Systems
5. The Mechanical Behavior Of Engineering Materials
6. Linearly Elastic Materials

Part Ii. Introduction To The Theory Of Elasticity

7. The Theory Of Elasticity
8. Plane Stress Theory Of Elasticity Solutions Part I And Part Ii Review Questions

Part Iii. The Engineering Theory For Straight, Long Beams

9. Bending And Extensional Stresses In Beams
10. Beam Bending And Extensional Deflections
11. Additional Beam Bending Topics
12. Uniform Torsion Of Beams
13. Beam Torsion Approximate Solutions Beam Bending And Torsion Review Questions
14. Beam Shearing Stresses Due To Shearing Forces

Part Iv. Work And Energy Principles

15. Work And Potential Energy Principles

Part V. Energy Based Numerical Solutions

16. Precursor Numerical Analyses
17. Introduction To The Finite Element Method
18. Finite Element Truss Problems
19. Basic Aspects Of Multidimensional Finite Elements
20. The Unit Load Method For Determinate Structures
21. The Unit Load Method For Indeterminate Structures Parts Iv And V Review

Part Vi. Extensions To Plate Theory And Finite Element Applications

22. Thin Plate Theory
23. Elastic And Aeroelastic Instabilities Selected Answers:-

Part I Exercises Selected Answers
Part Ii Exercises Selected Answers
Part Iii Exercises Selected Answers
Part Iv Exercises Selected Answers
Part V Exercises Selected Answers
Part Vi Exercises References.