ISBN 9788185860251,Analytical Techniques In Animal Nutrition Research

Analytical Techniques In Animal Nutrition Research


D N Kamra


Ibdc Publishers



Ibdc Publishers

Publication Year 1996

ISBN 9788185860251

ISBN-10 8185860254


Language (English)

Veterinary nutrition

The book has been organised in three parts. In part I important techniques of sampling, chemical analyses and feed evaluation by digestibility and balance studies have been described. Part II deals with Various techniques used for thye identification, Staining, counting and cultivation of rumen microbes, method of defaunation, silage bacteriology and methods of enzyme estimation. In Part III some important surgical techniques in nutritional studies have been described. The book ends with a list of selected bibliography and important appendices giving necessary informations about chemicals, filter papers, indicators and solutions etc.

Table of Contents
Part I Common analytical techniques
Collection, processing and preservation of representative samples for analysis for nutritioal evaluation
Determination of proximate principles
Determination of cell wall fractions
Determination of gross energy (GE) in biological materials
Minerals determination in feedstuffs, faeces urine and other biological materials
Determination of beta-carotene
Antinutritional factors in feed
Biochemical analyses of silage
Feed evaluation
Part II Microbiology
Sterization of equipment and media
Sampling of rumen contents
Rumen protozoa
Rumen bacteria
Rumen fungi
Silage mircrobiology
Determination of rumen enzymes
Determination of some serum enzymes
Protein estimation
Part III surgery
Surgical techniques in nutritional studies
Gas liquid chromatography
Volumetric analysis
Safety measures in the laboratory
First aid kit for nutritional laboractory
Standard values (Tables I to VI)
System of units