ISBN 9789381431962,Anatomy of a Tumour

Anatomy of a Tumour


Hay House India



Hay House India

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789381431962

ISBN-10 9381431965


Number of Pages 232 Pages
Language (English)


The patient is Sudhansu Mohanty, an Indian civil servant in his early fifties; his scourge is the carcinoid tumour which, unknown to him, he has been carrying around for some time..

Mohantys introduction to this scourge was gradual starting with an almost-continuous fatigue, followed by intermittent diarrhoea, a loss of appetite, enhanced perspiring, especially while eating, and a wasting away of muscles.

He ignored them all, he lived in denial. Before he knew it, he was overtaken by nemesis in the form of a sharp drop in his haemoglobin.

The cause is carcinoid a rare form of cancer, rare in terms of appearance, hard to detect in its nascent stages, and, therefore, all the more deadly. In Mohantys case, it was suspected early, post-colonoscopy, thanks to the perspicacity of his gastroenterologist who most unusual for a physician pronounced: I consider this malignant. I want to go in and see.

The author takes the reader on his four-year-long odyssey with carcinoid, the rogue cancer. He touches lightly on his back-to-back surgeries and experiences in the hospital. He describes alternative remedies for cancer eating asparagus, broccoli, lime, lemon grass suggestions forwarded to him by well-wishers. He uses the Internet and finds the stories of fellow-sufferers. He narrates his battles to live life full tilt: holding down a demanding day job while he undergoes a third surgery; and, as though nothing has interrupted his life, even contemplates a sabbatical in a US university.

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