ISBN 9788184047332,Android Application Development

Android Application Development



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Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788184047332

ISBN-10 8184047339

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Number of Pages 354 Pages
Language (English)

Mobile phone technology

Android is an open source operating system from Google Inc. As the software can be freely modified and distributed, it has resulted in the evolution of a huge community of Android developers. With the increasing popularity and availability of Android devices, more developers are getting interested in this mobile platform. This book, Android Application Development is a quick and easy guide to developing applications for the Android market.

The book provides an introduction to the Android platform and shows how to setup and use the Android Development Environment to write applications. It explains the Startup code and the resources in the MJAndroid application. The book then explores the ApiDemos application, shows how to debug Android applications, and explains how to Sign and Publish Android applications.

Android Application Development then delves into Advanced Programming topics. It discusses SQLite databases and Content providers, explains Location and Mapping services, and Building Views. It explores Widgets in detail. It discusses 2D and 3D drawing, Inter-Process Communication, Simple phone calls, Telephony State Information and Android Telephony Classes. The appendix section provides an overview of Wireless protocols.

Android Application Development presents a complete and accessible, highly practical introduction to developing applications on the Android platform. It shows how to build a modular application, starting with a core module to launch later modules developed over the course of the book. It explains the basic concepts and properties of the various feature sets like Views, Graphics, Maps, Media Services, Location-Based services, persistent Data Storage, and Messaging and Telephony services.

Android Application Development provides Example Codes that can be used to implement various features. It also explores many advanced topics including Custom Views, Security, Internationalization and Performance Analysis. The book is a complete and practical guide to Android application development.

About The Authors

Blake Meike is an experienced java developer. He has co-authored the book, Android Application Development. Blake Meike has more than ten years experience working on the Java platform. He has developed applications for the Java mobile devices market, and has experience using most of the GUI toolkits available.

Rick Rogers is an experienced embedded software engineer. He has written another book - Learning Android Game Programming: A Hands-On Guide to Building Your First Android Game. He writes books on Android programming. Rick Rogers has over 30 years of experience as a software developer and marketer. Currently he is with Wind River Systems as a Mobile Solutions Architect.

Zigurd Mednieks is a highly experienced professional in the software engineering field. Another book by this writer - Programming Android: Java Programming for the New Generation of Mobile Devices. He writes books on developing applications for the Android platform. Zigurd Mednieks is an expert in the fields of embedded user interfaces and IP communications technology. He is now the Chief User Interface Architect of D2 Technologies.

John Lombardo has been working on the Linux platform since the early stages. He is a co-author of Android Application Development. John Lombardo has a BS in computer Science and is now studying for his MBA. He has worked on many embedded products like routers and phones.