ISBN 9789350491836,Anna Hazare : The Face Of India's Fight Againstc

Anna Hazare : The Face Of India's Fight Againstc






Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789350491836

ISBN-10 9350491834


Number of Pages 150 Pages
Language (English)


This Book is an exhaustive study of the face of corruption in Indian polity and the role of a lone crusader like Anna Hazare in cleaning it up. It traces the history of various abortive attempts to frame a strong Anti-Corruption bill that could deter people occupying public offices from polluting the domain of democratic governance in India. Against this backdrop, it highlights the exasperation of the Civil society with the clumsy attempts of Public personalities to frame, and at times to block the birth of such a law. It etches out the contours of Anna Hazare's attempts to forge this angst of the Civil society into a Powerful popular movement to force law makers to understand the urgency of introducing such a bill in the Parliament. The book also takes a panoramic view of corruption in high levels in India at how it has been eating into the vitals of Indian economy and citizens; welfare. It highlights the inadequacy of the existing legal provisions to prosecute public personalities for their crimes of corruption against the state and the nation. In the murky waters of corruption. The book touches a human chord when it dips into the past of Anna Hazare to build the persona of this great son of India, not practices what he preaches. No wonder, he calls himself a ?fakir? a man who has no family, no propert and no bank balance. This 74-Year-old crusader started an indefinite hunger strike on August 16, 2011 at Ramlila maidan, Delhi to get his team's Jan Lokpal passed in the ongoing session of Parliament. He ended his fast after 12 days on August 28, 2011 after the Indian Parliament had passed an all party resolution which supports the key areas pointed in the Jan Lokpal. Evan his detractor and politicians, who hate his guts, grudgingly accept he is the only person who has the power to mobilize common people across the coutry and shake up a government. His small frail body has taken several blows from the countless agitations, tours and hunger strikes he has undertaken since he came in public life in 1975 but the motive of his life remains service to his fellow humans. Today, Anna Hazare is the face of India's fight against corruption and better known as Gandhi of modern India. About the Author A seasoned journalist, Pradeep Thakur, has rich and varied experience of working with prominent media groups in India. He is widely travelled and has more than two decade long experience of covering wide range of subjects. Now whole-time writing and publishing keeps him meaningfully engaged. His published works are: Tata Nano: The People's Car, Carrying Dhirubhai's vision Forward: Mukesh Ambani; The Shining Star of America & The World: Barack Obaama; The King of Steel: Lakshmi N. Mittal; Angelina Jolie: Is She the World's Most Powerful Celebrity?; and Tiger in Woods: The Story of World's No.1 Sports-Brand Tiger Woods> Dr. Pooja Rana is an English Honours from the prestigious st. Bede's College, Simla, india and a postgraduate and doctorate in mass communication from Guru Jambeshwar University of Science and Technology from Hisar, Haryana. India. She has been teaching communication theroy and print media for the past over six years at the leading Department of Communication Studies of Jagannath Indraprastha University, Delhi. Working as an Associate Professor of journalism, she has also been looking after the international journal of communication studies, Mass communicator, as an Associate Editor. She has presented papers in several national and international conferences in India and abroad. She is also shortly coming out with an edited book on Media in the Swirl, apart from yet another on business Communication. She also been conferred with a national award in education by former Governor of Assam, Sri Bhishma Pratap Singh