ISBN 9781259006326,Antenna And Wave Propagation

Antenna And Wave Propagation



Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781259006326

ISBN-10 1259006328


Number of Pages 632 Pages
Language (English)

Engineering & Technology

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Electromagnetic Wave Theory 3. Antenna Fundamentals and Parameters 4. Theory and Design of Linear Antennae 5. Loop Antennae 6. Antenna Arrays 7. Aperture Antenna Theory 8. Aperture Antennae 9. Travelling Wave and Broadband Antennae 10. Microstrip Antenna Analysis and Design 11. Special Antennae 12. Test Range of Antenna and Measurements 13. Radio Wave Propagation Appendix A: Commonly Used Frequencies Appendix B: Material Data and Other Constants Appendix C: Co-ordinate Systems Appendix D: Vectors Appendix E: Trigonometric Relations Appendix F: Hyperbolic Funtions Appendix G: Mathematical Relations Appendix H: Bessel Functions Appendix I: Methods of Stationary Phase Appendix J: Cylindrical Transform Technique Appendix K: Spherical Wave Expansion Technique