ISBN 9780070671553,Antennas And Wave Propagation

Antennas And Wave Propagation



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780070671553

ISBN-10 0070671559


Edition 4th
Number of Pages 940 Pages
Language (English)


The hallmark text, often referred as 'Antenna Bible', in its fourth edition now also covers the fundamentals of wave propagation. Numerous solved examples and practice questions are given in the text for easy understanding of the subject. Over 1200 illustrations and photographs of various antennas helps in clear understanding of the concepts. With this new content, the book has taken an entirely new shape and promises to be one stop solution on the subject for the user. Salient Features New chapters on Radiation , Micro-strip Antenna, Wave Propagation Basics Ground Wave Propagation, Space Wave Propagation, and Sky Wave Propagation In-depth coverage of different antennas like Helical, Reflector, Broadband and Frequency Antenna, Loop, Slot , and Patch and Horn Antenna More than 1200 illustrations including real life photographs of antennas and other equipments Rich pedagogy 130 Solved examples 340 Practice questions 100 Objective-type questions TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Antenna Basics 3. The Antenna Family 4. Radiation 5. Point Sources and Their Arrays 6. Electric Dipoles, Thin Linear Antennas and Arrays of Dipoles and 1. Apertures 7. Loop, Slot and Horn Antennas 8. Helical Antennas 9. Reflector Antennas 10. Lens Antennas 11. Broadband and Frequency-Independent Antennas 12. The Cylindrical Antenna and the Moment Method (MM) 13. Frequency-Selective Surfaces and Periodic Structures 14. Micro-strip Antennas 15. Antennas for Special Applications 16. Practical Design Considerations of Large Aperture Antennas 17. Antenna Temperature, Remote Sensing and Radar 2. Cross Section 18. Self and Mutual Impedances 19. The Fourier Transform Relation between Aperture Distribution and Far-Field Pattern 20. Baluns 21. Antenna Measurements 22. Basics of Wave Propagation 23. Ground Wave Propagation 24. Space Wave Propagation 25. Sky Wave Propagation