ISBN 9788192681016,Anything for You, Ma'am

Anything for You, Ma'am


Tushar Raheja



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Publication Year 2016

ISBN 9788192681016

ISBN-10 8192681017


Number of Pages 191 Pages
Language (English)

Literature & Fiction

Tushar is an engineering graduate from IIT Delhi who found his calling in storytelling. After the massive success of his first novel, 'Anything for You, Ma'am,' published back in 2006 while he was in college, Tushar chose not to climb on the bandwagon of formulaic books but instead devoted himself to the study of narration. Tushar's another hot selling book, Romi and Gang, took its readers back to school. At the moment, Tushar is a doctoral candidate at IIT Delhi in the field of Applied Probability. His decade long association with the Institute and fortunate tutelage under Dr. Kiran Seth of Spic Macay, provided him with a cultural playground to develop his story telling skills. For Tushar, telling stories does not stop at books. He is a prolific song writer and music composer. With his restlessness to experiment with different subjects, that he would exploit his scientific background was inevitable. Tushar's next will take the reader out of her armchair, to the end of this universe, in fact, to a wormhole on an adventure through time.