ISBN 9788177584080,Application-Specific Integrated Circuits

Application-Specific Integrated Circuits


Michael John



Pearson Education

Publication Year 2002

ISBN 9788177584080

ISBN-10 8177584081


Language (English)

Electronics & Communication Engineering

This comprehensive text on application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) describes the methods in VLSI design. The book covers both semi-custom and programmable ASIC types. After describing the fundamentals of digital logic design and the physical features of each ASIC type, the book turns to ASIC logic design-design entry, logic synthesis, simulation, and test-and then to physical design-partitioning, floor planning, placement, and routing. You will find here, in practical, well- explained detail, everything students need to know to understand the design of ASIC, and everything students must do to begin and to complete their own design. Separate chapters and appendices on both Verilog and VHDL, including material from IEEE standards, serve as a complete reference for high-level, ASIC-design entry.

Salient Features

Broad coverage includes, in one information-packed volume, cell-based ICs, gate arrays, field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), and complex programmable logic devices (PLDs)
Examples throughout the book have been checked with a wide range of commercial tools to ensure their accuracy and utility
Separate chapters and appendixes on Both Vertilog and VHDL, including material from IEEE standards, serve as a complete references for high-level, ASIC-design entry

Table of Contents : -

Introduction to ASICs.
CMOS Logic.
ASIC Library Design.
Programmable ASICs.
Programmable ASIC Logic Cells.
Programmable ASIC I/O Cells.
Programmable ASIC Interconnect.
Programmable ASIC Design Software.
Low-Level Design Entry.
Verilog HDL.
Logic Synthesis.
ASIC Construction.
Floor planning and Placement.