ISBN 9780195691955,Applied Financial Accounting and Reporting

Applied Financial Accounting and Reporting



Oxford University Press

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9780195691955

ISBN-10 0195691954


Number of Pages 404 Pages
Language (English)


Applied Financial Accounting is an exciting textbook that successfully applies the traditional basis and theory of accounting to an actual company annual report. Based on UK standards, but highlighting where international standards differ, this text will meet the needs of changing accounting practice. The book explains the detailed regulatory framework of accounting and makes this accessible to students by applying it throughout to an actual company annual report (Domino's Pizzas UK and IRL plc.) Each chapter contains several cross-references to the main report and also a range of other company references. The application of the theory is reinforced with a wealth of pedagogical features including case studies, web links, glossary, multiple choice questions, numerical questions and longer exam questions. This book is an excellent introduction to financial accounting and reporting which users will find student-friendly, up-to-date and informative. Key Features Links theory to practice using a real life company annual report. Links to International and national Accounting and Reporting Standards. About the Author Geoff Black ,Principal Lecturer in Business Finance, Harper Adams University College Table of Contents Principles and Practices Recording Financial Information Summarising Financial Information The Profit and Loss Account: from 'turnover' to 'profit before interest and taxation' The Profit and Loss Account: from 'profit before interest and taxation' to 'retained profit'. The Balance Sheet: Assets The Balance Sheet: Liabilities The Balance Sheet: Capital and Reserves The Cash Flow Statement Consolidated Financial Statements The Annual Report Understanding and Analysing the Annual Report Appendix 1: Latest Annual Report of Domino's Pizzas UK and IRL plc Appendix 2: Answers to Multiple Choice Questions Appendix 3: Solutions to longer questions Appendix 4: Answers to mini case studies Chapter summaries for revision