ISBN 9789381860922,Are You Really Happy?: Fundamental Happiness: 1

Are You Really Happy?: Fundamental Happiness: 1


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Embassy Books

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789381860922

ISBN-10 9381860920


Number of Pages 166 Pages
Language (English)

Personal Development & Self-Help

The Book talks about the Most Important thing in You Life About HAPPINESS. We all want Success, Prosperity, Financial Gains and Some of us also desire recogintion and fame, but when we look closer, the CORE Question that each of us stops and asks oneself every now and Then is Am I Really Happy?

The Author himself went through anxiety, depression and Various ups and downs in life and at one point found himself face to face with this same question. Not having an Answer, he took journey of exploration , from books to Pyschiatrists to wise men both from the past and present, in an attempt to find answers. This Book captures that journey.
Key Points
Covers Universal Question that concerns each Individual.
Written by a Man of experience - CEO of SBI Mutual Funds.
A result of Many Years of research, Study and Realizations.

About the Author Deepak Chatterjee is a banker by training. Since childhood, the softer, nuanced and often mysterious aspects of life have kindled his thoughts. Arts, music, dramatics and photography have always appealed to his sensitive side. Basic questions about life have caused him much distress and disquiet for years. He found lasting peace and joy through some simple practices and is keen to share his experiences with as many people as possible no matter how young or old. He feels his extensive travel across the globe, has added a fresh perspective to the way he looks at human existence. An executive in State Bank of India since 1978, he is currently the Managing Director & CEO of SBI Funds Management (SBI Mutual Fund), Mumbai, since 2011.