ISBN 9780330518697,As The Crow Flies

As The Crow Flies



Pan Macmillan India

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780330518697

ISBN-10 0330518690


Number of Pages 200 Pages
Language (English)

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As The Crow Flies is a novel that revolves around Charlie Trumper, whose dream is to become a departmental store magnate. Summary Of The Book As The Crow Flies revolves around Charlie Trumper, from the time he was a young lad in the early part of the 1900s. His grandfather taught him a great deal about the costermonger trade, and he was regarded the finest trader from the East End of London. The time comes when Charlie's grandfather passes away, and leaves the entire business in the hands of his grandson. This novel covers his life through the course of seven decades, including the first and second world wars. After his grandfather's death, Charlie desires to land it big, and to carry on the business of his grandfather to the point that he'd become a department store magnate. After Charlie gets married, he begins to take his goal more seriously, and starts studying for his degree without his wife's knowledge. As time passes by, Charlie and his wife have kids, and begin to buy shops with the intent of creating the world's largest barrow. However, they have a few enemies who are set to foil their plans, and they include Guy Trentham and his mother. Trentham was Rebecca's partner, with whom she had a son. The Trumper family taste success in the first few years of their business. However, things take a turn when legal issues about the property's ownership begin to crop up, which places their business in jeopardy. Archer's writing style is crisp, and keeps the readers glued to the very end, as he brings unprecedented twists in the plot. About Jeffrey Archer Jeffrey Archer is a former politician and author. Apart from this book, Archer has written Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less, To Cut A Long Story Short, The Fourth Estate, and Willy Visits The Square World. Archer was born on 15th April, 1940. He obtained a scholarship to Wellington School, and graduated from there with O-levels in Art, English Literature, and History. He then began to work as a Physical Education teacher at Vicar's Hill, Hampshire, and Dover College, Kent. He was then presented with an academic degree in teaching by the Oxford University Department for Continuing Education. He was also a Member of Parliament, but was sacked due to a financial scandal that left him nearly bankrupt. Till date, Archer's books have sold approximately 250 million copies around the world.