ISBN 9788132107569,Asia 2050 : Realizing the Asian Century

Asia 2050 : Realizing the Asian Century


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788132107569

ISBN-10 813210756X

Hard Back

Number of Pages 412 Pages
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Asia is in the midst of a truly historic transformation. If it continues to grow on its recent trajectory, it could, by 2050, account for more than half of global GDP, trade and investment, and enjoy widespread affluence. Its per capita income could rise sixfold. It thus holds the promise of making some 4 billion Asians, hitherto commonly associated with poverty and deprivation, affluent by today?s standards. This study, Asia 2050: Realizing the Asian Century, is aimed at key opinion makers to foster debate on a vision of and strategy for Asia?s potentially historic rise among the global community of nations between now and 2050. It offers a long-term perspective of the Asia region as a whole as opposed to the more common approach that delivers a short- to medium-term perspective of selected countries, subregions or issues. Table of Contents Foreword Executive Summary Introduction I: MAKINGS OF THE ASIAN CENTURY Asia in the Global Economy in 1700?2010: Setting the Scene Asia in the Global Economy in 2011?2050: The Main Drivers of the Asian Century Asia in the Global Economy in 2050: The Asian Century Realizing the Asian Century: Mega-challenges and Risks II: REALIZING THE ASIAN CENTURY Realizing the Asian Century: A Strategic Framework Growth and Inclusion Driving Productivity and Growth A New Approach to Urbanization Transforming Finance Reducing Energy Intensity and Ensuring Energy Security Action on Climate Change in Asia?s Self-Interest Transforming Governance and Institutions Regional Cooperation and Integration Realizing the Asian Century: Asia?s Role in the World Conclusion: Cost of Missing the Asian Century Appendix 1. Demographic Changes in Asia?s Regions by 2050 Appendix 2. Model for Developing Global Growth Scenarios Appendix 3. Asia?s Technology Landscape Appendix 4. Driving Productivity and Growth Appendix 5. A New Approach to Urbanization References Index?