ISBN 9783822816196,Asia Grace

Asia Grace


Kevin Kelly



Publication Year 2002

ISBN 9783822816196

ISBN-10 3822816191

Hard Back

Number of Pages 320 Pages
Language (English)

The Arts

Co-founder of the digital culture magazine Wired, Kevin Kelly leads a double life: cyber-culture editor and independent photographer. For the past thirty years, and completely independently of his work on Wired, he has been traveling the far reaches of Asia photographing the ins and outs of daily life. Kelly has the unique perspective of someone who lives in the digital fast lane and yet craves to experience and understand cultures far different from his own. In approximately 600 stunning, richly-colored images, with no text whatsoever, Kelly shares his vision of Asia from East to West, from Afghanistan to Japan. The scope of this book is so vast, flipping through the pages is like a journey, more akin to an epic film than a book. In Kelly's words: "My book is a wordless experience in remote Asia. The idea is that you open the book and fall into it. You become immersed in Asia."