ISBN 9780761933502,Asian Irrigation in Transition : Responding To Challenges

Asian Irrigation in Transition : Responding To Challenges


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9780761933502

ISBN-10 0761933506

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Number of Pages 528 Pages
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the increasing demands of a growing group of users with diverse needs?urban settlements, industry, food producers and environmental needs. Written by a mix of international observers and practitioners, these essays cover a wide range of issues that are involved in this endeavor. Based on actual fieldwork in various Asian countries, the contributors collectively address three major themes: - The response to the competition for resources including groundwater and aquifers, multiple water use, water reclamation, and watershed and basin management. - The emergence of new partnerships and institutional reforms, such as the changing role of governments, participatory approaches, new accountability mechanisms and improving the infrastructure. - The economic productivity of irrigated agriculture through water users` associations, demand-oriented and pro-poor irrigation services, and agribusiness. Drawing vital lessons from the Asian experience, this important volume will greatly assist in the design of efficient and equitable water management systems as well as serve to outline an agenda for future research for practitioners and policymakers. Table of Contents Foreword by SAID IRANDOUST and FRANK RIJSBERMAN Preface by WALTER COWARD Asian Irrigation: Problems and Prospects GANESH P SHIVAKOTI, WAI-FUNG LAM and UJJWAL PRADHAN I. GENERAL PERSPECTIVES ON TRANSITION Perspectives on Asian Irrigation RANDOLPH BARKER and FRANCOIS MOLLE Social Capital and Irrigation Management: Bringing Rigor and Evidence to the Relationship NORMAN T UPHOFF Institutions against Change NIRMAL SENGUPTA II. RESPONSE TO COMPETITION FOR RESOURCES Groundwater Markets and Irrigation Potential in South Asia: A Micro Study from Nepal HUMNATH BHANDARI and GANESH P SHIVAKOTI Emerging Water Crisis and Political Economy of Irrigation Reforms in India VISHWA BALLLABH Recognizing Multiple Water Uses in Intersectoral Water Transfers RUTH MEINZEN-DICK and RAJENDRA PRADHAN The Closure of the Chao Phraya River Basin in Thailand: Its Causes, Consequences, and Policy Implications FRANCOIS MOLLE The Emergence of Polycentric Water Governance in Northern Thailand URAIVAN TAN-KIM-YONG, PAKPING CHALAD BRUNS and BRYAN RANDOLPH BRUNS III. INSTITUTIONAL REFORMS AND NEW PARTNERSHIP Asian Irrigation in Transition: Service Orientation, Institutional Aspects and Design, Operation, Infrastructure Issues THIERRY FACON Participatory Approaches to Irrigation Development and Management in the Philippines: The Next Generation LUIS P ELEAZAR, JOSE A GALVEZ, VERDA IMPERIAL SAW, ROGER C LAZARO and ALFRED WALDSTEIN Leadership and Turnover: The Contradictions of Irrigation Management Reform in the People?s Republic of China PETER P MOLLINGA, GAO HONG and ANJALI M BHATIA Reforming Taiwan`s Irrigation Associations: Getting the Nesting of Institutions Right WAI-FUNG LAM People`s Participation in Irrigation Management in Thailand TASSANEE OUNVICHIT Coalition-Building for Participatory Irrigation Management under Changing Water Resource Trends: Reflections on Reforms in Andhra Pradesh, India M V K SIVAMOHAN and CHRISTOPHER A SCOTT Irrigation Sector Reform in Asia: From `Participation with Patronage? to `Empowerment with Accountability? DOUGLAS L VERMILLION IV. MARKETS AND ECONOMIC PRODUCTIVITY OF IRRIGATED AGRICULTURE Making Irrigation Management Pro-Poor: Indications of Potentials from China and Vietnam ERIC BILTONEN, DOAN DOAN TUAN and JINXIA WANG Moving beyond Water Provision: Strategic Issues Related to Transition of Irrigation Management in Indonesia HELMI Farmer-Managed Irrigation Systems in Asia: Subsistence Agriculture in Transition ROBERT YODER and PRACHANDA PRADHAN V. SYNTHESIS AND STRATEGIC RESPONSES The Future of Irrigated Agriculture in Asia: What the Twenty-First Century will Require of Policies, Institutions, and Governance DOUGLAS L VERMILLION, ELINOR OSTROM and ROBERT YODER Index