ISBN 9789383921294,ASP1 Secretarial Practice

ASP1 Secretarial Practice



Gullybaba Publishing House

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789383921294

ISBN-10 9383921293


Number of Pages 162 Pages
Language (English)


ASP-1 Secretarial Practice Topics Covered Block1 Fundamentals of Secretarial Work Unit1 Nature and Scope of Secretarial Work Unit2 Secretarial Functions in Organisations Unit3 Company Secretary Block2 Meetings Unit1 General Principles of Meetings - I Unit2 General Principles of Meetings - II Unit3 Company Meetings - I Unit4 Company Meetings - II Block3 Business Communication Unit1 Principles of Letter Writing Unit2 Business Correspondence - I Unit3 Business Correspondence - II Unit4 Official Correspondence Unit5 Some Useful Books Block4 Reports and Precis Writing Unit1 Office Reports Unit2 Report Writing Unit3 Precis Writing Contents Chapter1 Fundamentals of Secretarial Work Chapter2 Meetings Chapter3 Business Communication Chapter4 Reports and Precis Writing Question Papers December: 2011 (Solved) June: 2012 (Solved) December: 2012 (Solved) June: 2013: (Solved) December: 2013 (Solved)