ISBN 9789383921522,AST-01 Statistical techniques

AST-01 Statistical techniques



Gullybaba Publishing House

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789383921522

ISBN-10 9383921528


Number of Pages 376 Pages
Language (English)


Topics Covered Block-1 Statistics and Probability Unit-1 Descriptive Statistics Unit-2 Probability Theory Unit-3 Probability Distributions Block-2 Statistical Inference Unit-4 Sampling Distributions Unit-5 Estimation Unit-6 Tests of Significance Unit-7 Applications of Chi-Square in Problems with Categorical Data Block-3 Applied Statistical Methods Unit-8 Analysis of Variance One-Way Classification Unit-9 Regression Analysis Unit-10 Forecasting and Time Series Analysis Unit-11 Statistical Quality Control Block-4 Sampling Unit-12 Simple Random Sampling and Systematic Sampling Unit-13 Stratified Sampling Unit-14 Cluster Sampling and Multistage Sampling Appendix Tables Table-A Binomial Distribution Table-B Normal Area Table Table-C t-Distribution Table-D Critical Values of F-Distribution (5% level of significance) Table-E Critical Values of F-Distribution (1% level of significance) Table-F Critical Values of Chi-square Distribution Table-G Quality Control Chart Table-H Random Table Question Papers June: 2011 (Solved December: 2011 (Solved June: 2012 (Solved June: 2013 (Solved December: 2013 (Solved) June: 2014