ISBN 9789351200703,Astral Runner : The Chosen One

Astral Runner : The Chosen One



Far Future Enterprises

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351200703

ISBN-10 9351200701


Number of Pages 272 Pages
Language (English)


When an unsuspecting mortal transgresses into the peripheries of death & embarks upon a journey into immortality!

Varish Sanghvi is a promising professional who feels written off by life. Until divinity beckons him to embark upon the most dangerous and invigorating journey. Compelling him to travel into an incredible astral zone which is beyond his wildest imagination. Where he would tread treacherous pathways to uncover the face of truth-which is unimaginably brutal and excruciatingly harsh.

Will he undertake this mysterious journey, where he would need to survive constantly poised on a razor's edge, bordering on the realms of existence? Can he accept the gauntlet thrown at him from the evil world of Hades, where death plays hide and seek at every corner?

This is a gritty tale of an ordinary man caught between life and death, between divinity and evil for his final deliverance to be - The Chosen One!