ISBN 9780751536577,At First Sight

At First Sight



Little Brown Book Group

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780751536577

ISBN-10 0751536571

Paper Back

Language (English)

Adult & contemporary romance

In At First Sight, Lexie and Jeremy have begun living together. Lexie is pregnant and wants to keep the baby a secret so people don’t misunderstand the reason Jeremy and Lexie are marrying. At this point, there are a few other questions that creep upon the unsuspecting couple. Will Jeremy ever find the inspiration he requires to begin writing his columns again? Is Dorris from the village an actual psychic who can tell the gender of unborn babies?At First Sight attempts to answer all these questions and more as the reader is taken on a journey through the life of Jeremy and Lexie, with another couple Rodney and Rachel in the fray. A couple of mysterious mails which seem to be written for the sole purpose of shaking the relationship between Lexie and Jeremy pop up in Jeremy’s mailbox and he struggles with himself trying to work out what to make of it.Meanwhile, Rachel and Rodney have their own problems resulting in Rachel leaving town for sometime without informing anyone. Lexie tries to console Rodney during this time which ends up in a misunderstanding between herself and Jeremy.At First Sight is a book that revolves around these events culminating in the birth of the baby and the accompanying circumstances.